6 Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Good As New

by Coconix Shop

6 Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Good As New

One of the myths about hardwood floors is that they are very hard to maintain. Of course, it takes time and effort to protect and maintain this great long-term investment. Hardwood floors are one of the most cost-effective flooring options available and are a good investment for your home. Establish your own floor maintenance routine, follow the steps and tips below, and you are guaranteed to keep your floors looking their best!


This is the first and most important thing you should always keep in mind. Any liquid spills, especially water, could cause distortion, swelling, warping and cupping of floorboards. Wipe away these spills as soon as they happen to prevent them from penetrating into the hardwood floors. Liquids can damage your floor’s finish and stain the floor. These damages could make your floor dull and worn out.


Be sure to dust your floors on a daily basis to keep away the dirt and particles. This is also a good way to prevent scratches and damages. But be careful with dusting, you must use the right tool to avoid damages. Also, keep your cloth on the floor while dusting to keep the particles trapped in the cloth. Getting it on and off the floor will only move the dirt and particles around. Your floor may look clean and dirtless, but remember: dust forms everywhere and might get stuck into the grains or between the floorboards. We haven’t even talked about your furry friend’s hair shedding!


Let’s admit it, there are times we still leave out some particles when dusting. There are areas we couldn’t reach or areas that we tend to overlook. This is where weekly vacuuming comes to the rescue.  Hard to reach areas like corners and the spaces between each piece of hardwood will be cleaned. However, vacuum with caution! Careless vacuuming might damage your floors. After vacuuming, mopping your wood floors is a solid recommendation. But keep this in mind-water is not good on wood! Spraying a mist of wood cleaner on the floor or using a slightly damp cloth would suffice.

Monthly polishing and yearly deep cleaning will also give your hardwood floors longer life. Polishing renews and refreshes your floors. Doing this on a monthly basis brings back its shine and lustre. Meanwhile, yearly deep cleaning will remove all the dirt and grime trapped over the years.


Always use a microfiber duster or cloth when dusting and mopping as it uses static electricity to trap small particles. Using the traditional broom or duster is okay but will only make the dirt and small particles go around. It could also cause superficial scratches to your wood floors. You wouldn’t want to spend time cleaning your floor and ending up damaging it, would you?


Cleaning is not enough when your hardwood floors go through heavy wear and tear. Do some preventive measures to minimize the damage your floor might get. One of them is to take your shoes off when inside the house. Your outside shoes are a great source of dirt and sandy particles. Wearing them inside is a big NO. Heels, boots, and other heavy footwear could also scratch or create chips on your elegant hardwood floors. Make it a habit to take your shoes or any footwear off before entering your home.

If you’re moving your furniture around the house very often, you should put furniture pads to the legs of your sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets, etc. Also, place floor mats at doorways or areas that receive heavy traffic to keep your floors covered. You’ll be surprised how these extra steps can contribute to maintaining your hardwood floors and keep them looking nice for years to come.


Let’s just say, you followed every step here. You followed all the tips, the do’s and don'ts  but still ended up with wood floors full of scratches, cracks, stains and chips-which are inevitable by the way especially when you have kids playing on the floor or your furry pets scraping their claws on your precious hardwood. Damages like these may look like a heavy, hopeless task. Fortunately, these types of damages can be fixed with Coconix Floor and Furniture Repair Kit! This product guarantees superior results and could change your wood floor game. Get rid of any wood floor damages with Coconix Floor and Furniture Repair Kit and you’ll sure make your floors looking their best again, as good as new!