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There are definitely home repairs that are best left to the pros: electrical repairs, structural house works, gas appliance damage, and major basement renovations. But there are also repairs that you can definitely do all by yourself! Consider these DIY home repairs before you upgrade or buy new house items!



Hole in Drywall

Unsightly nail holes can really ruin the look of your drywall. For a quick repair, you may just fill the hole with a lightweight putty and scrape the excess off the walls. Wait for the putty to dry and sand the spot down until it’s smooth. But if you want more professional and perfectly matching drywall repair results, it’s best that you use Coconix Floor and Furniture Repair Kit. This inexpensive kit can give you the best possible results you can get in this DIY repair project. You can even match any color of your wood! In fact, you can use the wood repair kit in any wooden part of your house! It includes the most common wood colors so you can easily mix and match the color, pattern, and grain of your wood. The kit also comes with a wood putty for filling holes, chips, dents, and cracks. You will also get a spatula, an applicator brush, a mixing jar, and a color matching guide to help you in the color matching process. This kit is a must-try before you upgrade or call the pros for this repair project!


Damaged Door

Any minor and non-structural door damage can be DIYed! This home repair could save a lot of money especially if you use the right and effective product. If you got nail holes, scratches, pet marks, cracks, chips, or dents on your door that is making it an eyesore, then Coconix Floor and Furniture Repair Kit is highly recommended for its inexpensive price, guaranteed effectiveness, and easy-to-use kit tools! 


Crack in Concrete
For this repair project, use a concrete patch to fix broken concrete walk. It is also recommended to use a thin slurry of patching compound to make patch stick. This repair project is a simple one that can help you save hundreds of dollars.

Cracked or Chipped Woodfloors
For non-structural damages on your wood floors, you may try to use Coconix Floor and Furniture Repair Kit because as mentioned, it is good in different wooden parts of the house, especially on your wooden floors. You can mix and match the colors in the kit to camouflage the repaired area. Your hardwood floors can look #AsGoodAsNew in no time!


Leaky or Malfunctioning Faucet
You can actually fix your leaky or malfunctioning faucet on your own! Just follow the faucet manufacturer's installation instructions.This is considering that you have a working and intact plumbing!


Punctured Window Screens
Your window screens can get punctured and torn, but as long as the frame is intact, window screen repair projects are very easy and can be done in no time! This would require a few handy repair tools but you can definitely a handful of step-by-step articles online on how to do window screen repairs. 


Loud Cabinet Doors
For this simple yet irritating problem, there is a quick solution that you can do on your own! You can use peel-and-stick door and drawer bumpers. Just make sure the back of your cabinet door is clean so the bumpers will adhere well, then place one at the top corner and another at the bottom. Problem solved!


Scratched Wooden Furniture
Got eyesore wooden furniture scratches or marks? Then it’s time for you to use Coconix Floor and Furniture Repair Kit one more time! This wood repair kit is very handy in the sense that you can use it in many different home repairs! You will definitely save hundreds to thousands of dollars if you have this kit on hand everytime! 


Worn, Scratched or Torn Leather Furniture
Got kids playing on your expensive leather sectional? Pets getting excited on your vinyl seats? Then you should keep a Coconix Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit handy! Whether it’s black, brown, beige, or any unique color leather or vinyl furniture, you can mix and match your way to perfection! Plus, you can also use this leather repair kit on other leather items like leather bags, belts, wallet, cases, and any leather or vinyl item you can think of! 


What are you waiting for? Grab your kits and repair them today!