by Coconix Shop



There’s nothing that will make you feel prouder and more confident than finishing a repair project or producing something yourself. DIY projects can be very beneficial to us and to our budget. Not only it can kill time or be a hobby but it can be very useful and can give us a lot of perks. But alongside the obvious gains, we get from doing DIY repairs, we must also know the hazards. Before you start your DIY repair, know the hazards and benefits and we have listed them all for you.


1. You will save money.

This is the most obvious benefit that we can get from doing something ourselves. This might even be, most probably, the reason that DIY started. Buying new products or seeking professional help can really hurt your budget. How could you resist this “hobby” when it can save you thousands of dollars?

2. You will learn a new skill.

After it has saved you lots of bucks, you will find yourself acquiring new skills every after you finish a DIY project. Whether it’s DIY floor repairs, DIY room decor, DIY wooden table or any DIY project you can think of, you will always acquire a new skill once it’s done. This benefit leads to the next benefit!

3. You will discover your hidden talents.

Learning a new skill makes us a more knowledgeable person. But what if, there’s already a hidden talent in you that’s waiting to be discovered? What if you’re good at making wooden crafts? What if you’re good at fixing computers or electrical devices? What if you’re good at something then you sought professional help? Your talent, then, will never be discovered. DIY projects help us get outside of our comfort zones and discover more about ourselves, our capacities, abilities, and talents. Discovery of hidden talents most likely will result in the next benefit.

4. You can make money out of it.

Not only you can save money with DIY projects, but you can also make money with it! When you find out that you’re good at something after finishing a DIY project, or just maybe you’re simply good at DIY, you can start earning from it. You can start selling your DIY arts, crafts, decor, wood works, and many more. You can also get paid by someone else to do a project for them. If you’re not into selling or getting hired, you can start your own blog about your DIY projects. You can make videos, blog posts, tutorials, infographics, and many more. Once you have an audience, there will be lead conversion and you will start to earn in many different ways just because of your DIY blog. Now, speaking of the blog leads us to the next benefit DIY can give us.

5. You can inspire other people.

Many people are too afraid to even try to start a DIY project. Some of them do not want to make a mess or spend even more instead of saving money. But this is where your blog comes in. You can inspire people to do their very own DIY projects. You can even start inspiring your family members or your neighbors. You can also show your friends the DIY projects you have finished and this might trigger their curiosity and start their own. You can make people practical, creative, and innovative by being one yourself.

6. You can get satisfaction.

Who would not feel satisfied seeing their own efforts work and look great? Who would not be satisfied saving money while earning money, discovering new skills and talents and inspiring other people? No one, right? Satisfaction is the last and most delightful benefit you can get from DIY projects.



1. You might get injuries and unsatisfactory outcome when you rush.

When we get too excited to start a DIY project, we forget that we also need to do some research. We tend to rush things and rushing DIY projects only lead to accidents and bad results. We have to know the things needed for our project: the tools, the safety precautions, the do’s and don’ts, etc. If we know very little about the DIY project we are about to do, not only we will get unsatisfactory results, but we can also get injured during the process.

2. You risk your safety when you forget the most important part - safety tools and precautions.

All DIY projects have their own tools and materials needed for completion. You should be aware of how to use and handle these tools as you might get accidents. You also have to know the materials you will be using. There are materials that generate toxic fumes or dust, materials that cause fire, or materials that can potentially harm your body internally or externally. Before exposing yourself to these kinds of materials, you must know their details, safety precautions, and handling instructions. And of course, knowing is not enough, you must apply. You must wear safety tools and equipment necessary like masks, eye protective gear, ear plugs, gloves, etc. Instead of acquiring a new skill, you might end up acquiring a new injury.

3. You might start a problem when you don’t finish it properly.

DIY projects are not just about how to do something, it’s also about how you finished it. This is a very obvious step but many people tend to forget it. You must always remember to unplug any electrical equipment you used. This might cause a problem. Like electrical circuits, or worse, burn your house down. You must also always remember to clean up properly and dispose of the things that should be disposed of. Do not leave nails, needles, or any hazardous objects lying around as these might also cause injuries and can be dangerous when reached by infants or children playing in your house. Dispose of the toxic materials used when not needed anymore and of course, follow the proper toxic or chemical disposal instructions.

Finishing a DIY project is really fulfilling. Walking into your house and seeing all the DIY projects you have finished is very satisfying. You will never look at your house the same way again. You will see it as a never-ending project and all you will ever want is to do DIY projects one after another. Remember all these benefits and hazards we have listed for you and you’re good to go! And of course, you will definitely have a good start on DIY projects when you start fixing leather or vinyl damage, or wood floor or furniture damage in your home with Coconix Repair Kits! Definitely, a good, inexpensive, and safe way to start a DIY project!