How to Bring Your Aged Clothes Back to Life

by Coconix Shop

Sometimes you want to give your precious garments a second life. Either your favorite piece of clothing aged ‘ungracefully’, or it suffered damages from usage. Here are some tips of how to resolve common problems with your everyday garment.

Fix Broken Zippers on Your Garment

While zippers provide a great level of convenience, they do tend to get stuck or even break sometimes. Having a broken zipper may seem like the end for your garment or backpack but there are ways to save them from this fate.

Unstuck your zipper, secure slipping zipper and replace broken pull. When your zipper is stuck, apply a bit of laundry soap to it. Mix a small amount of detergent and water in a small dish and dip a cotton ball into the mixture. Use the soaked cotton ball to cover the teeth in the solution for lubrication and gently try to unzip the zipper. Repeat procedure until the zipper is unstuck. When your zipper won’t keep your fly closed anymore, avoid this frustration by inserting a key ring into the end of your zipper. Zip up your pants and hook the key ring onto the button. If the pull of your zipper broke off, use a paper clip as a temporary pull. Simply slip the paper clip into the slider.

Save Your Vintage Leather Jacket

A good leather jacket is a companion for life and is a timeless fashion investment. But even the sturdiest leather jacket might get damaged and suffer from wear and tear.

Repair holes, scratches and burns on your leather jacket. Use Coconix Leather Care Pro – Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit to repair damages on any color leather garment. This innovative leather repair kit helps you easily fix damages on your favorite leather jacket. You can use this kit not only on your leather jackets but also on leather skirts, pants, belts and even bags and purses.

Rejuvenate Your Fabric

As a result of sunlight, chemical spills and wear, your clothing can end up with faded spots. You can fade your fabric to white and change it into a brand new garment. If the original color was light, it is easier to turn it into white. If your garment was of a darker color, you can re-dye it to its original or darker color.

Bring new life to your expensive cotton garment. Do not use bleach! It is bad for the environment and weakens the fabric. There are ways of achieving the same results with much less harming materials. Remove the original color by putting your garment into hot water with color remover. Wash your garment with detergent afterwards. Additionally, you can use borax, oxygen-clean, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice to achieve the desired results.

Turn Old Jeans into Shorts

If you have a pair of old jeans, give them another chance by turning them into shorts. It is very simple and you don’t have to be a tailor to get it done.

Measure, practice and cut. Measure the desired length of your soon-to-be shorts. Turn them inside out, this will ensure that whatever measurement marks you make won’t damage the denim. Make a practice cut before cutting to the desired length so you can see how the result could look like. Once you’re confident in your cutting skills, go ahead and cut it to the desired length.

Repair Your Damaged Shoes

Chances are that your favourite shoes will sooner or later suffer from damages. There are a few quick fixes that can make your shoes last multiple seasons.

Fix scratches, scuffs and other damages. Treat your new leather shoes with beeswax or sprays with nanotechnology to prevent damages. If your leather shoes got wet, stuff newspaper into them to soak up the moisture. Minor scuffs can be covered with shoe paste polish as liquid polish dries out the leather. For bigger damages, use Coconix Leather Care Pro – Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit to fix the damages on any color leather shoes. Scuffs and scratches are easily repaired and you don’t have to buy a new pair of shoes.