When it comes to DIY repair projects, sometimes we’ll be needing more than the DIY repair product that we have on hand. We have listed five useful items to get your desired Coconix repair results.

  • Gloves and Old Newspapers
  • Before starting your repair project, we recommend having gloves and old newspapers ready to reduce project mess and to avoid accidentally staining the intact material. These will help especially those beginners who don’t know how to handle DIY repair projects yet.

  • Applicators
  • This item will depend on your preference when it comes to the repair compound application. Coconix repair kits include a spatula and a brush that can be used for repair compound application. But if you are not comfortable using the provided applicators or it is not suitable for your repair project, you may use other applicators like a sponge or other sizes of a brush.

  • Plastic Wrap
  • This item will be useful for leather and vinyl repair projects for adding finishing texture. You may contact Coconix Support Team to get advice on how to use this item for adding texture on your repair project.

  • Rubbing Alcohol and Nail Polish Remover
  • We always recommend having rubbing alcohol ready, preferably 90%. This will be used for buffing the repair finishing coat. If in the case that the rubbing alcohol does not provide the finishing touch that you desire, nail polish remover can be used as an alternative. But please contact Coconix first before using nail polish remover as it may remove the color of your leather.

  • Camera
  • The most important thing that we want our customers to have is a camera that could take pictures of the damage to their leather, vinyl, wood floors, or wood furniture. These pictures can be sent to  and our repair experts will be happy to give you personalized advice! Also, we want our customers to take before and after photos and share it with us and other customers. It will be a very big help to us as we improve our product further and to other customers who would like to know more about the results that our product can give.





    • Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for reaching out to us! Please contact us directly at so we can assist you regarding your request for the free adhesive leather patch.

      Have a great day!

      Coconix Team

      Coconix Team
    • I am requesting the free adhesive leather patch on black/brown as per your thank you card in the kit I purchased. The kit is easy to use and repaired my vinyl tear in my chair

      Barbara L. Enderlein

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