Get 2x Better Results in Your Leather Repair Projects for Cuts, Tears, and Rips

by Coconix Shop

Did you know that you can fix rips, tears, scratches and cuts on your leather items easily in a cost effective way? With Coconix Leather Care PRO you can repair your leather couches, office chairs, car seats, jackets, shoes, bags and more with ease. To show you how easy you can give a second life to your leather items, check out this video we’ve created for you.

Start your repair by cleaning the damaged area with rubbing alcohol with a cotton swab or a cotton pad. Next, cut out a piece of backing fabric with rounded edges, larger than the damaged area. Insert the backing fabric into the damaged area with the help of the spatula included in the kit. You can use the colors included in the kit or match the right color for your project with the help of the digital resources we have compiled for you, accessible via the resource access card included in your kit. After matching your color, apply the compound to the damaged area with the spatula. Pay attention to the edges and level the surface. Allow the compound to dry for several hours. If needed, reapply additional layers to the damaged area. When the compound is dry and no longer sticky, use a cotton pad or a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to buff the edges. We wish you all the best with your repair project!


If you have any questions, you can reach us at anytime. We’re happy to help!