Hardwood floors can provide beauty, sophistication, coziness, value, and comfort to our home all at the same time. This material is one of the most loved home investments by many. But when it acquires damages due to heavy traffic and daily use, the beautiful view it gives to our home is ruined and the length of time it gives comfort and coziness could be jeopardized. Now, repairing this material talks of hundreds to thousands of dollars. Know how much it will cost you to repair your beautiful wooden floors and how you can avoid this costly situation.



This should be the first question you must ask yourself. You must identify the intensity of the damage before anything else. Structural damages include:
- Damage to the frame of the floor (which requires you to rip up the floor)
- Underfloor damages (which will not allow you to do any fix or repairs on the outside)
- Placement damage (which includes wiggling or moving floorboards)
- Severe flooring damage (which includes warping and termite infestation)
    If these are damages of your wooden floor, then you cannot proceed to the next question that should be asked. There is actually no more questions to be asked when this is the case. You must ready yourself to replace your hardwood floors and spend a lot of money. And you must know that it costs five times as much to replace hardwood floors than it does to refinish them. Doing patch-up works on these types of cases will only possibly worsen the damage. It may also cost you more time and trouble. To avoid replacing your precious hardwood floors, you must maintain it to its best condition and know the ways to keep your hardwood floors good as new.


    Now, if your floor’s damages do not fall under structural damage, then it must fall under cosmetic damage. Below are the cosmetic damages of hardwood floors:
    - Scratches
    - Pet marks
    - Blemishes
    - Cracks
    - Chips
    - Holes
    - Knots
      You are lucky to have just these types of damages as these can be repaired. When you are in this situation, you must ask yourself the next question.

      $1900 OR $19.95?

      Normally, repairing a hardwood floor means refinishing it. Spot repairs typically cost $250-$600 for a 200 sq.ft. room. Sanding, staining, and sealing 200 sq.ft. costs between $200- $400. This does not yet include the amount the floor expert charges every hour for repair projects. Flooring professionals charge between $60-$75 per hour. Usual repair projects last between 10 and 12 hours, for a total cost between $600 and $900. So you would have to prepare $1050 minimum and $1900 maximum if you will have an expert repair your hardwood floors. But if you are not in the mood to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars (or you just honestly do not have that amount), then you are again, very very lucky because you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars with Coconix Wood Restore PRO - Floor and Furniture Repair Kit! This repair kit is excellent for repairing your precious hardwood floors. For just $19.95, you will get superior results, save a thousand bucks, and get to finish your very own DIY repair project! So, the question again is, $1900 or $19.95? Choose what’s practical, smart, and reasonable. Choose Coconix!


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