by Coconix Shop




Sometimes, you lose trust in DIY products especially after trying several others and getting only disappointments. You try to avoid using any of them again, even those effective, proven and tested by others. But you have to remember, a good DIY product can be great if you try and make it work for you.





DIY repair projects are not supposed to be taken for granted. Think of it as a project in school or work. It has to be given attention and time in order for it to be an excellent work. And of course, time would also require you to be patient. Though some repairs are very quick and easy to accomplish, others would really require your time in order to get your desired results. DIY repair products are carefully made to make our lives easier. These products are fruits of the labor of many people and they have allotted time and effort to make it the best product for your repair project. So, it’s your turn to give time and effort in order for your DIY repair product to work. Coconix repair kits, for example, are proven to be perfect for quick and easy repairs. But repair projects are unique and there are cases where the customer must give more time and effort compared to others. This may be due to the severity of their leather, vinyl, or wood damage; or it can also be due to bad weather, or repair challenges like color matching. But as a DIYer, it is your duty to exert effort on your repair project and make time for it!



Repair projects’ success is not just about easy, detailed instructions and following them. It is also about how you use your creativity when doing it. It doesn’t have to be by the book or just plain repair project. Just like when using Coconix repair kits. Our kits come with instructions and a color matching guide. Our Coconix Repair Experts and Support Team are also always available for a repair project consultation. Plus, the Coconix website is full of helpful blogs, review highlights, and downloadable repair resources. But you don’t have to completely rely on these things. You can also use your own DIY repair experience as an additional resource. If you are a beginner, then use your creativity! You may experiment and try things your way. This way, you get to improve your DIY skills and even discover new things about you as a DIYer or your repair. 



Positive outlook creates a positive outcome. When you think you’ll fail your DIY repair project in the first place, then you will really fail! Our mind is powerful and it can actually make your thoughts happen. If you just complain and say things like “color matching is  hard”, “my repair is too impossible”, “this kit looks sketchy”, “I don’t know a thing about DIY repairs”, or even “I’ll just throw this junk away as the kit will only worsen the ugly damage.”; then your repair project will go nowhere. Also, DIY repair projects should be fun and should teach you a thing or two. Be positive, give it your best, and enjoy your DIY repair project! 



DIY repairs must also have your personal touch! You are free to add, subtract, or modify things in your repair project. Make your DIY repair project your very own masterpiece! It is always up to you what results you desire to get and how you will get them. 



Of course, you allotted time, effort and creativity, gave it your best, enjoyed it and made it your own masterpiece. So, now what? The next step would be to share your Coconix repair experience to us and to other DIYers out there. Be proud of yourself that you have successfully completed your DIY repair project and also give tips for those who are just starting their repair. You’ll never know, you might be good at blogging or vlogging your DIY repair projects.

So, wait no more. Grab your Coconix kit and make it work for you!