Before you start using any of the Coconix repair kits, you must know the ten most important reminders we give to our customers. These things will help you achieve the best possible repair results! #AsGoodAsNew



1. Contact Coconix!

We have already mentioned in many previous Coconix blog posts that contacting Coconix is a must. We also recommend that you reach out to us first before purchasing so we can recommend the most suitable repair kit for your repair project. Many of our happy and successful customers had an amazing Coconix repair experience because they consulted us first before purchasing or before starting their repair. You may email us or send us a message on Facebook



2. Send your repair pictures!

This is a very crucial reminder that you must keep in mind! You might be wondering why you should send us your repair project pictures. It’s simply because we can help you get the results you desire and help you avoid any issues during your repair. Our Coconix Repair Experts and Support Team are always ready to help you throughout your repair! They live and breathe this stuff so you can count on their personalized advice! 



3. Prepare and practice!

Any project would require research and preparation. You can do this step on your own pacing and preference. You may read Coconix review highlights or just simply browse the internet for more product testimonials for Coconix repair kits.  We also highly recommend that you try and practice first on an inconspicuous area of your leather, vinyl or wood or on a practice patch or unused wood item. This can help you check if the dried color mixture matches the color of your leather, vinyl, or wood. The line “practice makes perfect” can never go wrong!



4. Have patience!

Patience is one key factor in getting a seamless and perfect repair results. If you are more on the quick and easy repair, Coconix can also do that. The damage would be less noticeable and would be stopped from getting any worse. However, if you would like the #AsGoodAsNew results, patience is a must! Be patient when color mixing, be patient when applying, be patient when drying, and be patient when buffing. Patience will work wonders on your repair project! See for yourself!



5. The more thin layers, the better!

Every repair is unique and would require different color and method of application. But what we always recommend is to apply several thin layers with hours of drying time in between each application. This will ensure stronger repair and would give more flawless results! 



6. Reach out if your repair is not going as planned!

Not all the time you will have everything going along smoothly. You might encounter challenges before, during or even after your repair. But have no worries! Coconix is always ready to help you with anything regarding your repair and would gladly assist you for better Coconix experience. Your 100% repair satisfaction is our top priority so please, do not hesitate to contact us if your repair project is not going as planned or you did not get the results you desire. We’d be more than happy to help you!



7. Several hours of dry time is a must!

Before reusing your repaired item, please make sure that you have allowed several hours for the repair compound to dry. Check first if the repaired area is no longer sticky to the touch. If you encounter repaired area stickiness, especially on leather or vinyl repairs, please contact us and we’ll help you fix it. 

8. Ask us how to get the texture you desire!

There are a lot of texture and finish variations in leather, vinyl, and wood. If the repaired area’s finishing texture is a bit different from the rest of the material, kindly let us know and we’ll give you personalized advice on how to get the texture you desire. 

9. Share your Coconix repair experience, before & after photos, and tips for other DIYers!

You may have successfully completed your repair project and got the best results possible. But it wouldn’t be complete if you don’t share your Coconix repair experience with us! Tell us how your repair went and give other customers some tips and suggestions. If you have before and after photos, that would also be very helpful and awesome! Seeing your satisfaction and wonderful experience with our repair kits means the world to us!



10. Have fun!

No need to be stiff and serious! Take it easy and take your time! Enjoy the repair experience with Coconix repair kits’ very easy-to-follow instructions. We promise you won’t regret it! Besides, what’s more fun than fixing your leather, vinyl, or wood item and saving hundreds to thousands of dollars?! Try any Coconix repair kit today and experience the repair satisfaction firsthand!




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