by Coconix Shop


Being a mom-on-the-go is quite a tough job and it will require you to have useful tools and essentials that could help you make your everyday work easier. We have summed up the very basic yet the most important things a wise mom needs and they are five:


First and the most important equipment a wise mom should ALWAYS have are those for your home safety. Doing light to heavy chores, you might encounter an accident or two which is inevitable. That is why it is very important that you are ready for any injuries at home and a first aid kit is a MUST! Not only that, but you must also think of your possible unwanted scenarios like a kitchen fire or a short circuit that may cause fire or explosion. You must have smoke alarms and fire extinguishers ready. Lastly, you must also prepare yourself from troubles from outside factors like a burglar or a heavy storm that may cause brownouts. Keep a flashlight ready and also have a burglar alarm installed in your home.


Now that you have all the safety equipment you need, you can start making magic in the kitchen! What’s gonna make a wise mom wiser? Well, having useful kitchen tools will! A good set of knives, blender, stand mixer, and a Tortilla press are must-haves! A slow cooker or crock-pot will also help you prepare your family’s dinner while you’re doing chores and DIY projects all day long. Also, having storage solutions for your kitchen (or for the entire house) will do you a lot of wonders. It will help you be more organized and save you a lot of time from looking for stuff for hours or digging piles of stuff in your cabinet. 


As a wise mom, you must also keep everything tidy, neat, and clean. Whether you want your cleaning products all-natural or not, keeping a fair amount of cleaning product supply at home is recommended. But you also have to keep in mind that there are cleaning tools and products that might damage some parts of your house or some types of furniture. For example, a traditional broom can cause scratches to hardwood floors so you must know the right tools to use and the ways to keep your wood floors from being damaged. You wouldn’t want to damage your furniture or parts of your house instead of cleaning it. Remember, seeking professionals for home repairs cost A LOT and an example of that is hardwood repair. So, be very careful!


You might have a green thumb or not but a wise mom’s house always has one houseplant or two. There are lots of ways to give our indoor the greenery it needs: make stunning bouquets from grocery-store flowers, grow an indoor herb garden, or get yourself trendy succulents that can withstand negligence. Plants will not only give your home the relaxing, cozy, calm vibe,  but it will help purify the air inside your home, too.


A wise mom is also a DIY mom! When it comes to home decor, home repairs, and home improvement, you should be the queen! Who says you can’t handle a wheelbarrow, hammer, power drill, sander, a screwdriver set, and a plier set? These are the recommended DIY tools you must have but remember to also have the safety gears needed for DIY hazards. You must also have tapes, scissors, cutter, pins, brush, colored papers, and paints ready for DIY decors. Lastly, you must have an effective DIY repair kit on hand for future home part and furniture repairs. Keep a Coconix New Mix & Match Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit for leather or vinyl repairs and a Coconix Floor and Furniture Repair Kit for wood furniture or wood floor repairs! 

Keeping these useful tools and essentials will make you a 101 % wise mom who can tackle any home challenge along the way! Remember, a tough job needs a tough mom!