Top Three Useful Things You Should Always Have At Home

by Coconix Shop

Top Three Useful Things You Should Always Have At Home
We always list the things that we need and want to buy in the grocery. We buy food, meat, canned goods, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and a lot more but do we ever wonder what things we should always have on hand? We have figured out the top three things we should always have at home, ready to be used for many situations.

1. Basic Solution to Everything is Baking Soda

Baking soda is a wonder product that can be used in many personal care and household chores. It can be used for personal hygiene as a deodorant, mouthwash, natural toothpaste and even soothe body skin itch and sunburns. For household hacks, some of baking soda’s many uses are the following:

Neutralize fridge odors
Laundry whitener
Air freshener
Kitchen cleaner
Carpet stain remover
Multipurpose bathroom cleaner
Fruits and vegetables cleaner
Silverware polish
Homemade weed killer
Shoe deodorizer
Oil and grease remover

This product is a must-have at home. This can help you in many household problems and can even help you save money as this can be used as a cheap alternative for pricey products in the market.

2. Vinegar is a Vital Material

We usually only see vinegar as an ingredient or a spice to add up taste on our cooking. What we do not know is that it has many uses other than cooking. Whether it’s a white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, it always has to be on hand. White vinegar has medicinal and household uses. It can be used to lower blood sugar, to manage your weight, to reduce cholesterol, to treat physical ailments including nail fungus, warts and ear infections, and to treat skin infections and burns. It can be used to clean countertops, showers and bathtubs, toilets, dishes, windows and mirrors. As for the apple cider vinegar, it has also many medicinal, personal, and household uses and some of them are the following:

Weight loss aid
Food preservative
All-purpose cleaner
Home remedy for sore throats
Facial toner
Denture cleaner
Hair rinse
Dandruff treatment
Weed killer
Acne treatment
Dish detergent

Those are just some of apple cider vinegar’s many useful benefits. Vinegar is a very important product that we all should always have in our home.

3. Coconix is a Convenient Cost-Saver

One of the main and most expensive things in our house that usually require fixing or restoring are leather, vinyl, wood floors, and wood furniture. Good thing, there is an inexpensive product by Coconix that can help you address many types of damages. These easy-to-use DIY kits have the tools and instructions that you will need to finish any repair on your own! It will not only save you lots of dollars but it will also get you addicted to fixing anything and everything with leather or wood in the house! Coconix Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit can be used for the following damages:

Pet scratches
Leather Cracks
Small punctures
Cuts, rips, and tears
Large cracks
Peeling and flaking vinyl

The following are the types of damages that Coconix Wood Floor & Furniture Repair Kit can fix:

Pet marks

These very affordable repair kits are very useful and will come in handy for fixing, restoring, and covering damages of your floors, furniture, and all things made of leather, vinyl or wood. What a cost-saver!

We should all keep these things on hand at home as these will help you save money and will be useful in every chore in every corner of your house!