Nowadays, we see a lot of people creating DIY blog posts and videos. People now know how to depend on themselves when doing the usual things or rare or occasional projects. But what really is DIY? “Do It Yourself” or DIY is the process of building, creating, modifying, or repairing things without the help or advice of experts or professionals. Professionals are now only for those who seek convenience and for those who have the money. We have classified the types of DIY projects that are popular today. Read and learn why each project type is worth doing yourself.

DIY Arts and Crafts


These type of projects serve primarily decorative or crafty purposes. These projects include simple arts to heavy crafting tasks. Some of these DIY projects are:
- Decor
- Gifts
- Cards
- Jewelry
- Accessories
- Clothing and Fashion
- Beadwork
- Sewing
- Crochet
- Knitting
- Woodworking
Why Do It: These DIY projects can help you save money, especially when you often need these crafty things. You won’t have to buy them in the store, instead, make your own as many as you like. These projects will also bring out the creativity in you and could even make you a self-discovered artist. Not bad, right?

DIY Transformation


Many people find unused things in their garage or even old pieces of furniture that they want to use but would want to have a new look. This is where DIY transformation projects come in. Any project that includes transforming an original piece to have a new look, new vibe, or a customized or personalized touch is a DIY transformation project. These include:
- Transforming pieces of furniture
- Remaking or redesigning things
- Retouching walls
- Bedroom, kitchen, living room transformation
Why Do It: These will help you save a furniture piece from being thrown into the trash or help you give your house a new look. Transforming any item or part of the house gives you satisfaction every time you look at it and can even give you the motivation to do more work at home. Who would not be bored when looking at a lifeless, dull, old house? Give it your personal creative touch!

DIY Convenience


Convenience can be provided when you seek experts or professionals to do these projects for you. But it will cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. DIY convenience projects are those that help you in your everyday living. It also makes your home or space very functional and, well, convenient. These are projects like:
- Creating or adding more storage space
- Organizing things in a cabinet or in a drawer
- Arranging things in a room or in any space
- Adding functional uses to traditional or conventional pieces of furniture

DIY Electronics


These type of DIY project is one of the most hazardous projects so this requires strict obedience to safety precautions. It can range from very simple to complex and complicated. Remember that there is always a risk of electrocution in some of the more complex projects. Unplugged electronics can also cause serious accidents like a house fire. But if you keep in mind the safety precautions and follow the rules before starting these projects, then you should not worry at all. These projects include:
- Creating solar chargers
- Remote control projects
- Simple projects for kids
- Robotic projects
Why Do It: Though it comes with hazards, this is one of the most popular DIY project types as it is very engaging, fun, interesting, and brain-stimulating. This will help you create electronic DIYs or even help you invent your very own electronic device!

DIY Innovation


This is one of the most unique types as you will think out of the box. As the name presents itself, you will have to create something innovative. These projects are sometimes done with just any tools and materials available in the house. These projects are:
- Creating a useful piece out of scraps
- Building your own version of an object instead of buying it in the market
- Improvising a needed object using the available materials in your home
Why Do It: These projects will make you very resourceful, innovative and creative. This also helps DIYers save money as they have the option to use the available materials. These projects can be done without you spending even a single dollar.

DIY Repairs


This type of DIY is usually the project that requires professional or expert help. Accomplishing a DIY repair will be very beneficial to you as it will already be a skill that you can use again anytime in the future. These projects are the following:

- Furniture repairs
- Home parts repair
- Appliance repair

Why Do It: Most of these projects require tools and materials. So it will really make a skilled person after finishing it. It will also help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars as seeking professional help is very expensive. Try your own DIY repair now with a small project like fixing a tear on your leather couch or restoring your old wooden cabinet. These repairs will be easy peasy with Coconix Repair Kits! Do it yourself now and see how these DIY projects will make you want to do more!



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