Wood Furniture Repair Tips for Valued Heirlooms

Wood Furniture Repair Tips for Valued Heirlooms


A family heirloom is a family’s treasure, passed down from generation to the next generation, and serves as a standing proof of a family’s rich centuries of history. Most people believe that restoring, repairing, or even making a small patchwork on a family heirloom makes it lose its value. Yes, a valued heirloom is a masterpiece created maybe even more than a hundred years ago, but repairing it and keeping it to its good condition does not mean throwing away its worth. Repairing these antique pieces is one act of preservation. We listed tips on how to keep your valued heirloom in its best and make it last for many generations after yours.


Though your wood furniture can last long for hundreds of years, it must only receive a soft, careful cleaning and maintenance. Do a regular dusting with a soft brush to avoid any surface damage on your wood furniture. Some old furniture has a finish on the surface but some could be bare so you would not want to damage instead of cleaning it.


The most important thing to avoid when cleaning your antique piece is wet cleaning it, especially if the wood is unfinished. Also, many people like to use oil on the wood to “feed” it. This could actually do more harm to your furniture piece depending on the original finish. Drying oils can soak into open grain where it begins to oxidize and turn black after years of build-up while non-drying oil leaves a coat that takes up days to dry. You should also place your wood furniture away from bright sunlight which accelerates the aging process causing finishes to become cracked or brittle. Do not place your furniture near windows and vents to ensure your antique does not get structural damage like cracks or gaps. When this happens and your furniture gets a crack that should immediately be repaired, you can use Coconix Floor & Furniture Repair Kit as this works wonders and will instantly give you the finish you desire.


First thing not to do is to drag a piece of furniture across the floor. Not only your furniture will be damaged but also your floor. Check for obstructions like existing furniture and low-hanging light fixtures. Always make sure that it fits perfectly through the doorway or along the hallway before moving it. If you’re going to put it in a moving vehicle, make sure to put the appropriate padding to avoid any scratches on your wood furniture. If possible, disassemble the small parts that can be removed before moving it to protect it from falling or being detached from the piece.


A lot of people make mistakes by trying out many repair chemicals and compounds out in the market. What they do not know is that these chemicals might be shortening their heirloom’s life. These unfamiliar and unnatural chemicals can build up within your wood piece’s inner area and will definitely end its long-lasting existence. A real tough beauty needs a professional wood repair kit that will only aim to fix it and add years to its life. For a safe and sure wood furniture repair results, use only Coconix Floor & Furniture Repair Kit. You will want to keep your valued heirloom at its finest and use only the best to assure its preservation.

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