Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit Feedback


On Mix & Match Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

This is my first try. I loved this jacket but after hanging in the same position for 3 years during the pandemic, it had cracked. The material was 'polyurethane' I didn't expect much but this is what I got. It is my first try so don't judge. I think It could have done better by snipping away more of the loose stuff, but.... I have to give a HUGE shout out to customer service. I was impressed at their response time. They offered to help and wow did they. Now I am moving on to a large project - a totally destroyed white jacket - same problem sat for too long without wearing. Again. Not perfect on my very first try but certainly wearable.

Bargain Jersey Mike

On Mix & Match Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

It was quite an expensive couch and a fairly big rectangular hole that needed a patch. Was going for “tape” solution to cover rip and came across this process. Definitely the better choice. Instructions and method was easy to follow. Did the best to match the burgundy (between age and fading) and was surprised at the final results! It is a back cushion so I don’t expect a lot of stress on fabric.
Unless I point out repair square, no one noticed, which is all I want (to save the couch). Not sticky as some noted, and not an obvious difference in texture or look. I also used the black repair color to hide some deep scratches in my theater seats and very pleased with results!! Definitely recommend!

Ed D.

On Mix & Match Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

I was really surprised when I received this product. Directions were easy to follow, the package contained most of the needed items and quality was excellent. The only challenge I has was getting the right color mixture but they provide a great color mixture chart. I had to fix a very small tear in vinyl and the repair was easy to do and worked perfectly. The product does not come with patches for large tears but instruction do recommend using a patch. It would be good if a patch or two is added to the kit. I do recommend this product.

Kati K T.

On Mix & Match Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

Our leather loveseat has gotten a lot of use and it showed. I thought I would need to purchase a new one, but after a bit of research I settled on this product to try to fix it. And it worked. It looks like new. The color mix I settled on was mostly chocolate with a bit of black. I used a small piece of sponge cut from a sponge paint brush to dab the paint in and found that worked the best for me. I used a cotton rag to smooth over any uneven areas. I ran out of chocolate to get the matching couch done and customer service was very quick to respond and offer to send more paint. I am truly amazed and relieved.

P. Black

On Black Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

used it on the arm of a leather chair that had about a 2.5 inch full thickness tear. used as directed with cloth underneath , it took 3 applications. if you look hard you can see where the tear was. other wise it looks great.


On Brown Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit

It took me a few days (weeks) to work up the courage to undertake fixing the rip in our couch. But when I finally started, I followed the easy to understand directions and the rip is repaired. No one has noticed it, even though it is in a very visible location. The color mixing tubes (and recommendations on color matching) blended in well with the color of my couch. It is very durable. I'm very happy with how this repair worked and so I recommend this product. I hope I don't need to make another repair, but if I do, I still have plenty of product left for several more repairs.

Floor & Furniture Repair Kit Feedback


Product works exactly as advertised!

Wow! A product that works! Great instructions, easy to use, results better than expected! And great customer support.

Mostafa E.

Worked like magic.

I recently moved to a new place and on our way we got a brand new desk. The desk was 290 lbs and box got damaged during handling. When I contacted the store customer support they offered to exchange it but I didn’t want to go the trouble and ended up getting this repair kit.

I emailed Coconix support pictures and within 24 hrs I got a step by step instructions to follow. It did take me few tries to get to the right color and grain pattern but ended up with a perfect mix.

Etta M.

Wonderful Product and Exceptional Support

After purchase I was contacted by customer support to see if I needed any assistance. Since I was repairing a wood floor with multiple color tones and have never tried this before, I took them up on their offer of help. I sent several pictures and they sent me back the colors to mix, how to adjust for the varying shades and detailed instruction. It turned out awesome! I'm really impressed. I have never received such great help before. The product and their customer support are out of this world fantastic.


Best for Wood Cabinet Repair

Best product for wood cabinet repair. I suggest emailing the Coconix email for advice and start with their advice. I mixed different colors on a paper plate to match but beware the product dries. I bought a small Artist Brush as another user suggested. Work patiently in small strokes. This was 2 layers. Thank you Coconix! Best wood repair product EVER.

Amy Frederick

Easy to use and works well!

My dog chewed the leg of a piece of furniture (a wood chest) and left some fairly deep scratches / total wore off the natural wood pattern/stain. This product worked very well to fix the superficial damage. It was very easy to use and mix the paint colors to come up with an accurate camouflage for the putty used to fill in the scratches. If you look closely or feel the area I repaired, you can tell it's not the original wood, but overall from a 1-3 ft distance you can't really tell this product was applied. Highly recommend.

Jeffrey A. Kuchar

You Won't be Disappointed!!

The product and customer service is amazing! The scratch/dent in our floor is gone. Upon opening each color to mix,the caps came off, probably our fault, and weren't able to be put back on. We just covered each with foil but the company/customer service insisted on sending us a new pack. We so wish other companies would learn from this one. What a nice experience!! Thank you so very much Coconix.

Fabric Repair Kit Feedback

Mike T.

A lot easier than I thought!

When I first looked at this product I thought it would be a lot more difficult to use. It couldn’t have been easier. I was able to get the exact match of brown I needed and it was simple to apply. I had a larger hole and used the backing. After doing that the smaller hole were simple and quick. I would highly recommend this product. I can’t even tell where the holes were now. Thank you

Junah B.


I loved this, I burned a hole in my driver seat and was able to patch it up so easily. I’m the artsy type and was quick to match with the colors provided! Great family owned and operated, couldn’t be happier with the product!! Thank you all for the great work. ( :

Robert J. P.

Works as Advertised

I had a large slit in a bar stool chair seat cushion and after reading about several products and looking at the reviews I decided to give the Coconix repair kit a try. It worked great and the upholstery looks like new! A perfect color match and texture. The result exceeded my expectations!

Alfie B.

Almost like magic

As usual, there are tons of reviews from people who didn't read the directions. If you take your time mixing the correct color, you can watch the damage disappear before your eyes.


It’s a miracle!!

This is amazing. If I can do it anyone can. I had a hole in the middle of the carpet in our guest bedroom. You would see it as soon as you entered the room. I googled carpet repair and this product came up with plenty of good reviews. It is not expensive so I decided to give it a try. It is so easy to use and the instructions are given step by step. I am beyond thrilled with the results.


Excellent Upholstery Fabric Repair Kit

Recently my son bought a brand new sofa that was too wide and long to easily fit through his apartment's hallway and his front door. As a result, the sofa's edges and arm rests experienced noticeable damage during the delivery process. Thank goodness for Coconix Fabric and Carpet Repair kit. Now some of the damaged areas are hardly noticeable. I was able to match the color of the sofa quite well by following the instructions and having a little patience. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that has damaged or worn areas on their upholstery fabric.