"Couch is like new!"


By Solara Antonopulos

“So, this couch is only about 4 years old and still under warranty. I had this area professionally repaired a few months ago, and the finish started flaking more than ever! While the repair was free, it is a pain in the rear, so I tried this product! It worked awesome, looks like new! Well, two weeks later, and the repair is still looking good! I am very happy with this product!”

"Worked wonders on car seats!"


By B. Terrill

“The photo shows before and after 1 coat was applied to a pair of badly cracked 2006 Volvo XC90 car seats. I ended up putting 3+ coats to thoroughly erase the cracks. The car I was working on was my grandson's who wanted to buy seat covers to hide the front seats cracked leather condition altogether. After I watched some videos of refinishing car seats, I offered to repair the seats. When I returned the car back to him, he was amazed, saying that it looked brand new, so mission accomplished! After my Coconix kit arrived, I received several emails from the Coconix employees offering help and advice on how to do my project. When I told them my project was refinishing two grey leather car seats, and I was going to run out of the white compound before getting to the 2nd tube of black compound, they offered to send me a 2nd kit, free of charge. Kudos to Coconix! I would definitely recommend this product and Coconix!”



By Laura

“Amazing! My golf cart seats were custom from 8 years ago and now I can’t replace them (they don’t make them anymore) so to filled in the colors and they match perfect! You can see in the after photo I had not quite finished but it looks amazing! By they way the brush they send with the kit sucks go buy a small acrylic brush for detail work.”

"Excellent product for DIY work"


By Donald G. Allen

“Good product, good amount of materials. Mixing colors is tricky with any product. The tubes you get have a small nozzle so you can add small amounts to the mixture. It does take practice as with any product. I have seen some that when you open the container, it appears that it would dry out faster. These containers are like tooth paste design, you just squeeze out what you need. Excellent help from the company if you need it. AS you can see from my photo, this is the first time i used it, so i need a little more practice. I purchased some vinyl to practice on. The only CAUTION that I can say, after finishing apply Vinyl spray protection over it when finished. Some cleaners will remove the product, like Alcohol.”

"It works!"


By Cory

“I did not expect this to work so well! Take your time getting the right color and it is as close to magic as you can get haha! Definitely gave us more life to our old favorite couch!”

"Looks Waaaay Better!"


By Beth

“I had a significant amount of holes and cracks to fill with this product, and I am very pleased with how much I was able to cover. I used one kit- about 4 tubes worth of paint, and was able to match the color pretty easily. It took a lot more time than I thought it would. It is difficult to get it smoothed out perfectly. Every time I filled a crack up to the top, it would shrink down significantly, so it took many applications. It does seem very durable and I am pleased with the results!”

"Don’t throw it out, fix it and love it again!!!"


By felicia f

"This leather repair kit is fantastic! Saved my destroyed Fendi bag (see before and after). Took my time and followed the great advice/links that came with it. New life to old bags, shoes, belts, anything! Highly recommended!!"

"Great product - wonderful customer service!"


By Donna

"The product worked wonderfully and the individualized customer service was superb! I had a few questions about my project so I emailed pictures to them. Maria was very prompt in responding (even over the Labor Day holiday). She answered my questions and addressed my concerns mainly about texturing the larger area of my sofa. I didn’t want it to look like I had “painted” over the cracked and peeling surface. She was right that the product dries with a textured look and feel. Pictures show before and after of the area I treated. I also had areas on the back of recliners where they had rubbed against the wall. The damage was pretty deep but the product “filled” the damaged area great! It is somewhat of a challenge to mix the exact color (which is to be expected) but there is a variety of colors in the kit and a great color guide to help get the color close to a perfect match. Maria did say the color dries darker than when it is applied. Also, since I had a large surface area and backs of recliners, I was close to running out of the colors I needed. Maria was wonderful in sending me an additional kit containing only the brown colors I needed at no charge so I could be sure to have enough to finish the repair and have some spare for future areas. I am so very happy with the results, the product, support, and customer service I received. I know you will be too! Thank you Coconix and Maria😃."

"Great product, saved the couch."


By Alina Bezdikian

"I used Coconix's leather repair kit to help with some cracking on my leather couch. I think it did an excellent job. Of course, you need to be diligent in mixing your colors and trying to match the original, but if you put in some effort, it really helps. Included is a document meant to teach you how to match the color and once you do, the product is helpful in hiding cracks. I don't think a large tear could necessarily look fully back to normal, but little ones definitely get hidden with this product. Also, I found layering - and waiting long periods for it to dry in between - helped a lot. I would recommend it! *in my photos you can see the difference but I did want to make clear the middle cushion I switched out with one from the love seat. I used the product on that cushion as well, it was in bad shape, but didn't have the whole and patch from the cushion in the before photo."

"Easy to use!!!"


By Susan Mullins

"Great product. Would buy again. My dog left big scratches in my leather couch and now you can’t even see it"

"Wow! Totally worth the price... "


By Bassic

“My daughter purchased an old, worn out designer purse at the thrift store for $5. It was in terrible condition (ie, yellow foam for handle, and numerous visibly atrocious worn-out spots. But she loved this purse so much, I decided to make an attempt to bring it back to reasonable condition. Although, I hated the idea to spend $20 to fix a $5 purse, I decided to give it a try... The color-mixing was fairly easy (remember to mix, paint a sample spot, then wait till it dries prior to full usage). The result was totally amazing!! (see the pic, unfortunately, I do not have a "before" shot). I may update this post later, when my daughter lets me know about the durability, but for now, it's literally worth every penny... Awesome!”

"How to save an Expensive Handbag"


By Ccm989

"Ordered Coconix Leather repair kit without much expectation. I was going to bring my handbag into Chanel in NYC to have professionally refinished but after watching a couple of YouTube videos, thought I would give it try myself. Wow! I got the kit, mixed the colors and got a very close match. Using a standing lighted magnifying glass to see better, I dab bits of the color onto the spots where the color had worn off to the bare leather (the wear was especially bad on the outside corners of the bag). I patted it in, let the color sit for a few seconds and rubbed off the excess with the waxy cloth that was included. With the tiny paintbrush I touched up all the edges too.

My old purse looks positively amazing. I am going to let it sit and dry for 24 hours before using it. The best part was not having to waste time traveling into the city and paying a small fortune for repair. Well done Coconix!"



By Steven Wittstruck

“Made A HUGE mistake while redoing my table. I sanded through the veneer. I tried SEVEREL different strains and furniture pens (including gel stains!) With NO luck on covering my bald spot on the table. I was so frustrated I was ready to just paint the top! I bought this kit and figured I would try one last thing. If this didn't work the top was going to get painted! Granite I didn't use the putty or any other items in the kit besides the paint, but I'm giving it a five stars because it saved my table! The color was an exact match. Should have just bought this in the first place! This was my dad's table. He passed away 2018 so this table is very near to my heart.”

"Excellent product. Highly recommend!"


By sunglim kim

“Excellent products I had extensive damage to my dining chairs. I did extensive online research and found this product. I decided to trying! I am now so glad I this try this! ...Overall. I am so happy with the product. It did save my dining chairs in a such an inexpensive price! Highly recommend”

"Happy Customer"


By Anon.

"We purchased this product to repair a chip in our coffee table. It worked well for our need and we are happy with the results."

"Great floor repair kit. Seriously blown away."


By Matthew Bennett

“I am absolutely blown away with the quality of this floor repair kit. I dropped a metal bar on the floor and ended up with a large ding, see pictures, and was so frustrated with myself. ...Honestly I can’t tell where the patch is and I’m very pleased with this product. It can be a bit tricky to get the color just right, but they include plenty of paint if you do end up making a mistake. Absolutely exceeded my expectations.”

“The best product to use to repair a finished wood floor”


by Jeff

"I purchased this product to repair the scratch and clawing damage caused by my new puppy on my pre-finished wood floor. The pictures that are shown are just with the colorant applied. This product is excellent for a indistinguishable repair, but you must be patient and take your time. After you make some test colors and contact Coconix for their color mixing suggestions, you will get used to using this product. Purchase the kit, and send the picture off to Coconix with a description of the damage. And take your time to get the best results. Coconix will provide you with the assistance to get a great repair!"

"Awesome Product!"


By Allison

“This product is awesome!!! I purchased it to fix a burn hole from a cell phone charger in my sofa. Obviously it was not going to be perfect because it is impossible to get it back to how it was prior the burn hole, however, I am VERY pleased with the result! I highly recommend this product - it is easy to use, affordable and the results speak for themselves!”

“It does the job quickly, and saves money.”


by Too light...Too Heavy

These are the before and afters. In this pic, the after is still wet, but it looks great dry. Sorry, I didn’t take another pic. It saved us around $1000, not having to install new carpet after this tenant vacated. This will be my go to from now on. Great product.

"Worked great!"


By D. Neu

“Horrible red gatorade stain - then “Lightly bleached”. Oops. Maria @ Coconix gave helpful advice for coloring & its so much better. I can use room without stain being so obnoxiously noticeable.”

“Take advantage of their help to insure good success.”


by Steppen Wolf on December 17, 2020

“The company contacted me by email shortly after ordering offering to give advice on how to use their product. I sent a picture and they made recommendations on the mixture of colors to match my carpet and simple instructions. The recommended mix gave me a starting place and came out pretty good after few adjustments. Do be sure to apply a thin layer of glue, I suspect the reviews that complained about darkening May be due to too much glue. Also, the instructions say to pat down the fibers but really just barely smooth over the surface where you applied the fibers, a little too much pressure can bring the glue to the surface. The company was very helpful, contact them..Attached are before and after pictures of about 10” damaged caused by dog who didn’t want to be in a room with the door closed. The channeled damage needs a little more filling or product which is on its way.”

"Easy to use and worked!"


By Joe

"So this hole was about dime to nickel size and you could see straight through to the orange foam inside the seat. This kit was super easy to use and it sealed the hole perfectly. I could’ve mixed the colors to better match the color of the upholstery but I thought the black alone would be fine and I’m happy with it. It’s actually less noticeable in person but I added the pic so you could see the patch. It will prevent the hole from getting any bigger which was my goal."