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Repair Project

Absolutely not! Each kit is made to be as easy and as simple for anyone to use regardless of their skill level. We want to take the stress out of projects like these and make them as straight forward as possible. Thats why the kit includes everything necessary to complete the repair as well as detailed step by step instruction and how-to videos for every kind of repair. If you do come into any trouble our support team is always happy to help! You can contact us at

Usually each repair should only take a few hours before it is good to go again! But just to be sure we like to say allow 24 hours first before using the item again.

Within the kit, there are detailed instructions and a color matching guide. Using this guide, you will be able to mix and create the color that perfectly matches the item you are fixing. If you follow the instructions perfectly you should be able to create a seamless repair and you won’t even be able to notice the repair!

Included in your kit is everything you need to complete your repair! For the Leather and Vinyl Kits you will however be required to prepare the area using rubbing alcohol. You'll need rubbing alcohol and any piece of clean fabric to wipe down and prepare the area before you begin your repair. We don’t include these in our kits as we try our best to keep waste to a minimum. Check your cabinet first and see if you have any rubbing alcohol before purchasing any. From time to time it might also be necessary to use some cotton wool if there has been a loss of shape or material from the area that you are repairing. It will all be in the instructions of the kit that you purchase though so no need to worry! 

We have made it so you can easily wipe off the repair compound with a wet cloth or sponge in the case that you make a mistake and want to start again! 

Repair Kit

For this exact reason we have created a quick little blog post for you to check out where you should find all of the exact answers you are looking for!

Each repair kit is designed so that it is always enough to complete one repair. We know that each repair varies in size and type, so it might be the case if you have a small repair that you will have plenty of product left to complete another repair!

We have three variations of the Leather Repair Kits.  

Mix and match is perfect if the leather that you are repairing is a unique color. It includes 10 colors for you to mix and match yourself. Don’t worry, we provide detailed instructions and a color mixing chart for you to use in each kit, plus you can always contact our support team at for any extra questions or help!

Brown is the perfect kit if the leather that you are repairing is any shade of brown. The kit includes 3 variations of brown, a black and a white. Using the pre-mixed colors you will be able to create the perfect shade of brown in no time!

Black is the perfect kit if the leather that you are repairing is any color ranging from black to a grey. The kit includes two tubes of black paint and one small white tube. By mixing the black with the white you will be able to match to any shades of grey or black.

Yes! We try to be as prepared as possible to ensure that we have stock on hand but sometimes in the unforeseen circumstances where demand skyrockets we are unfortunately left with no stock. However, we are currently working on adding a waitlist to our website so that you can pre-order the kits even when we are out of stock! We will keep this page updated and be sure to inform you of the waiting times.

Shipping and Returns

Free for Standard Shipping and $3.99 base price for Expedited Shipping (0 lb. - 1.9 lbs.). We also offer a No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee. You can check out more info here.



"Great product. Would buy again. My dog left big scratches in my leather couch and now you can’t even see it."

Susan Mullins

“I did not expect this to work so well! Take your time getting the right color and it is as close to magic as you can get haha! Definitely gave us more life to our old favorite couch!”


“I keep finding new uses. I used it on my seat which had a tear and the results were good but then I said let my try it on my worn steering wheel and the results are great. I haven't even smoothed it out yet or done a second coat. The customer service is excellent too, very quick and helpful response from Maria.”

Mid-Atlantic Customer

“Take your time to ensure the colors match. This was a process but my Honda Pilot seats look brand new. It is also important to let the product dry overnight.”

Don Juan

"Worked great. If you do your prep work and take your time this product works great. Love that they give you enough options to mix and match colors and we have some left in case it needs touching up"

Sandy B.
Coconix DIY Repair Kits

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