Wood Furniture Repair Cost


The cost for professional wood furniture repair may vary depending on the severity of the damage. But for DIY repair of wood furniture, it may only cost you $19.95 for a Coconix wood repair kit or up to $50 for other materials that you might need, especially for more severe damages.


Damage Type

Average Cost of Professional Repair

Average DIY Repair Cost

Scratches $110 - $260 $19.95 - $50
(including repair tools and materials)
Chips and dents $110 - $1,000 $19.95 - $50
(including repair tools and materials)
Cracks and gaps $200 - $1,000

$19.95 - $50
(including repair tools and materials)
Stain and surface marks $75 - $2,000 $19.95 - $50
(including repair tools and materials)
Holes and knots $100 - $2,000 $19.95 - $50
(including repair tools and materials)
Deforming/Warping $225 - $3,000 DIY repair not applicable
Pet urine and other pet accidents $500 - $1,400 DIY repair not applicable
Termites $500 - $3,300 DIY repair not applicable
Source: https://www.fixr.com/
As you may imagine, when the floor damage worsens, the average cost per repair increases. Other wood professionals may charge $25 to $30 per hour plus materials for their services. Professional repair prices for wood furniture repair are fairly reasonable if you are looking for quick, hassle-free repairs. But sometimes we just don’t have the money to spare or you just really like the challenge of doing it yourself!

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