Furniture Repair Markers vs Coconix Wood Repair Kit

Wood furniture restoration not only helps the environment (it significantly reduces your carbon footprint), but it also saves you money as compared to having it repaired by professional wood restorers. Our previous section has proved this to be true and wood furniture repair cost surely has brought you to deciding to fix wood furniture by yourself.

Now the question is, what is the best furniture restorer? You might stumble upon many wood refurbishing products online or on your local hardware stores like wood fillers, furniture touch up markers or wood touch up markers, wood repair tapes, wood adhesives, and many more. But based on research, thousands of customer reviews and experiences, and product ratings, the two best furniture restorers are wood repair kits and furniture repair markers.

Let’s find out more about these two furniture repair products and how they compare to each other. In the comparison table below, we have laid out factors to be considered in furniture restoration for beginners and how these two work in each.

Factors to Consider in
Furniture Restoration
For Beginners
 Coconix Wood Repair Kit Furniture Repair Markers
Wood Furniture Repair Cost For $19.95, the kit already includes 10 repair compounds for the most common wood colors, wood putty, spatula, applicator brush, mixing jar, and Color Mixing Guide—everything you need in every furniture restoration for beginners. Furniture repair markers cost range from $7 for a one-color wood marker to $36 for a multi-color wood marker set.
Furniture Repair Product User Experience Coconix wood repair kit is specially designed for furniture restoration for beginners. The kit includes a user manual with easy-to-follow instructions. Our wood repair compounds have quick-dry formula and perfect for mess-free application. Furniture repair markers are usually the first option that furniture restoration beginners try so it is known to be beginner-friendly.
Wood Scratch Repair Coconix wood repair kit is formulated to provide the best wood scratch repair. Wood scratches usually occur across wood grain patterns. Coconix wood repair kit has the most common wood colors that can be mixed to match and recreate any wood grain patterns and colors. Furniture repair markers are considered to be a quick fix for wood scratches. Markers can be used just like a pen to trace a wood scratch but it can be tricky when blending the traced scratch with the rest of the wood areas. Though it has a wood finish, wood pen markers usually look like a marker ink traced along the scratch, especially for repairs on a grained or patterned wood.
Wood Chip Repair Coconix wood repair kit already includes a wood putty that can be used to fill chips larger than ¼ of an inch. Then, the colored repair compounds can be applied over the cured putty to blend the repaired spot with the rest of the area. For minor chips, the Coconix repair compounds are sufficient to fix it. The Coconix repair compounds are not only paint, but it also contains wood adhesive, dries to a wood-like finish and often outlives the actual wood material. Furniture repair markers can be used on wood chips to keep it from being an eyesore. However, it will not truly fill in the damage but it will cover it.
Wood Dent Repair Similar to chips on wood, wood dents can be easily repaired using Coconix wood repair kit. Dents can be covered up by furniture repair markers, but we wouldn’t say that it is really fixed.
Screw Hole Repair Screw holes are often eyesore on spots that are exposed and Coconix wood repair can be used to fill the hole and blend the repair. Furniture repair markers are not designed to repair holes as they can only repair surface scratches, stains and marks.
Wood Table Restoration Wood table restoration usually involves repairing table top scuffs, stains, scratches, and dents. Coconix wood repair kit can fix all those types of damages and is 100% safe to use on dining and coffee tables. Furniture repair markers can be used on tabletop scratches, stains, surface scuffs, and minor dents.
Wood Chair Repair Coconix wood repair kit is suitable for wood chair repairs—from chair scratches to pet chew marks on chair legs. Since wood chair repairs usually involve deeper dents, furniture repair markers are not ideal for use.
Wood Cabinet Restoration Wood cabinet restoration is one of the most common projects of Coconix users. Since Coconix wood repair kit includes all materials that you might need in a wood cabinet restoration, this project is a breeze with Coconix. If you’re looking to restore wood cabinet, furniture repair markers might not be your best choice since this product is meant for surface damages on small areas.
Restoring Antique Furniture Restoring antique furniture often includes repairing cracks, gaps, and discoloration. Coconix wood repair kit can definitely fix these damages in easy steps. Plus, our Coconix Support team can provide unlimited personalized advice on your antique furniture restoration project. If you’re looking to hide the wear marks of years of usage of your antique furniture, then you can bet on furniture repair markers. But for more severe damages on old furniture pieces, furniture repair markers are not the best repair product.

Using the factors that we have listed above in relation to furniture restoration for beginners, we hope that you found the best furniture restorer. Coconix wood repair kit is a versatile furniture repair product that can be used on many wooden furniture damages and wooden furniture repair projects.

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