How to Save Your Damaged Leather Sofa 
 The Ultimate Guidebook 

(Plus 10 Exclusive Before & After Repair Photos you should see!)

Coconix Blog: How to Save Your Leather Sofa: Ultimate Guide for Leather Sofa Repairs

Leather has been used by men since prehistoric times. Still to this day, we continue to use it for many different purposes. For example, you often see it on:

 How to Save Your Damaged Leather Sofa   The Ultimate Guidebook  (Plus 10 Exclusive Before & After Repair Photos you should see!)

This classic material is known for its durability, but like most things, wear and tear can happen. Luckily, with new technology we are able to fix it to a standard that is professional, affordable and quick! That’s when Coconix leather and vinyl repair kits can step in! Yes, leather is durable and it could last for many years. But when your leather has damages that badly need to be fixed, where do you go and how do you do it? What are things to be considered? How much should you be spending in this situation? So many questions right now in your mind and Coconix is here to answer all of them!

Table of Contents


Can I DIY Repair My Leather Sofa?


Leather Sofa Repair Pros And Cons


How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Leather Couch?


How to Identify the Damage of Leather Sofa


How to Repair Pet Scratches and Cracks


How to Repair Fading, Stains, and Discoloration


How to Repair Peeling and Flaking


How to Repair Burns and Holes


How to Repair Cuts, Rips, and Tears


Add More Years to the Life of Your Leather Sofa with a Leather Care Routine


10 Exclusive Before & After Repair Photos


BONUS: 6 Tips to Disinfect Leather Sofa Without Damaging It!

SECTION 1: Can I DIY My Leather Sofa Repair?

Decide if DIY repair is for you.

Every repair is unique so it’s crucial to be able to answer this question before starting, in this case, your DIY leather repair project: Can I DIY repair my leather sofa? There are three important things to consider before you begin!


1. What are your Expectations?

First in our checklist in deciding whether to start a DIY leather repair is to recognise how flexible you are about your expectations. To move forward with the DIY process, you have to acknowledge that the results can only be as great as the time and effort that you put in. If what you are seeking is of strict quality, seeking professional leather repair help might satisfy your repair needs and expectations. However, if you do choose DIY leather repair, then this guide is here to support you the whole way through to achieve a seamless and cost-effective option to saving your leather sofa. Topical leather repair is no easy feat, but it is definitely worth the feat if you are willing to put in the effort!

2. Time and Effort

DIY leather repairs can be quick but there are projects that can be very time consuming. This will depend on many factors like the severity of your leather damage, your skills and experience, the availability of tools and products needed, etc. At Coconix, our repair experts provide free virtual personalized guidance to help you achieve professional results for DIY repairs, but you may still need to put in extra time and effort to achieve the best results possible!

3. What is the Severity of the Damage?

This third question will help you make the final decision whether to DIY repair or not to DIY repair your leather sofa. For minor leather damages like pet scratches, cracks, small punctures, burns, fading, or discoloration, you can definitely do it yourself! For moderate damages like cuts, rips, peeling or holes, you can still do it yourself but these may require extra time and effort. For serious damages like torn seams, severe leather loss, large torn and depressed areas, you might have to seek the help of professionals. You wouldn’t want to worsen the damage of your leather sofa so DIY is not the best option for you. But, of course, it will always depend on your preference. If you’re a heavy DIYer, then you can probably face even severe damage!

SECTION 2: DIY Leather Sofa Repair Pros And Cons

Weigh the pros and cons before diving into DIY repair.

If you’re still undecided whether to DIY your leather sofa or not , we think we know how we can help you further on this puzzle!


This benefit of DIY leather repair is usually the reason why most people resort to DIY—to save money. Who doesn’t want to save their leather sofa without having to spend $200 - $2000, right? The price will always vary depending on your location, the severity of the leather damage, the part of the leather sofa that you want to have fixed, the size of your furniture, and so on. The next section of this guide will give you a rough estimate of how much you may have to spend on a leather repair so feel free to skip this part if you want to get an idea. So if at the moment, spending a huge amount of money is not an option, then DIY is the way to go!


If you have plenty of time, then you most likely have time and patience to spend on doing practical odd jobs like repairing your damaged leather sofa. Choosing this leather repair kit will equip you with simple tools to achieve the practical task of learning to repair things for yourself. Maybe your new hands-on approach might even become your new hobby! Don’t forget - not only will it be useful for now, but your new found love for DIY repair products may come in handy for any future projects you come across too. You might even be able to share it with others too! Especially once you have equipped yourself with the winning formula for successful DIY repair!


After it has saved you an arm and a leg for upholstery repairs, you may also find that you have acquired a new skill. Who knows, maybe this could be your hidden talent! Using DIY repair products will definitely make you think out of the box, and even think and act like a professional repairman. These new skills will help you not only in your future leather sofa repairs, but in any DIY leather repair projects.


Who would not feel satisfied seeing their own efforts work and look great? Who would not be satisfied saving money while discovering new skills and talents and inspiring other people? Satisfaction is a delightful benefit you can get from DIY leather repair projects. You can also inspire people to do their very own DIY projects. If you fear that you’re alone and you might make irreversible mistakes, then you are truly wrong! At Coconix, we help our customers get their desired repair results and assist them throughout their DIY repair. Whether it's a leather, vinyl, fabric or wood repair project, our customers (even beginners!) are very satisfied with the results of their repair project and often look for the next thing to repair!


The best thing about doing it yourself? You know that you can do it again next time and that you probably won’t ever need the help of a professional ever! And each repair you do, you’ll only get better! So, starting your little DIY car leather repair project now could also mean that you can become your own home leather furniture’s hero for a long time.


Did you know that the average person keeps a couch for approximately 7-10 years? After this, often the couch ends up in the landfill. This is what Coconix aims to improve! We want you to be able to add a few more years to your leather couch and maximize it beyond the usual life cycle of a leather furniture.


This is not always the case, but we do like to caution this! Depending on the size of the repair and the depth of the damage, these factors can add time to the repair. Our products are made to be as easy and as stress free as possible but sometimes if repairing is new to you then the process can take more time! This is of course understandable but we just like to highlight that for best results its best to be patient and take your time!


DIY repair’s results greatly depend on many factors. We have listed below some possible factors that can affect the outcome of the repair:

  • Skills or repair experience
  • Time and effort available
  • The severity of the leather sofa damage
  • Preparations before starting the repair project
  • Repair environment and other external factors

These factors are not entirely definite as, again, every repair is unique. And whatever they may be, you must have realistic expectations for the outcome of your repair. In short, preparation is also a must!


The last con that you may think about DIY leather sofa repair is that you either completely succeed or learn from mistakes along the way. This doesn’t sound really bad but we always want to succeed, right? We will always be available to guide you all throughout your repair project to achieve that success! If you’re only partly sure to go ahead and do it yourself, not to worry because we are here to help and back you up! You can chat or email us at You can also call us at +1 (503) 400 33 03 from 9am - 10pm (Pacific Time). Our Coconix Support Team will be happy to help you with your repair and provide you with color matching and repair instructions.

SECTION 3: How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Leather Couch?

Find out how much it costs for a professional repair vs DIY repair! 

Professional Repair of a Single Leather Damage $95 - $150
Professional Repair of Basic Rips, Cuts, and Scratches $550 - $1,200
DIY Repair of Any Leather Damage $19.95 - $20

Single leather damage can cost anywhere from $95 to $150.

For basic rips, cuts, and scratches of a three-cushion sofa, professional leather repair will cost you $550 to $1,200! This does not yet include the costs for labor which will add on hundreds more. Reupholstering your sofa is a really expensive repair that will cost you a lot, almost like buying a new furniture piece.

Why spend hundreds of your money when you can buy a leather repair kit for $19.95 which can cover large repairs and could even be handy for future leather repairs? Coconix Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit is the most affordable leather repair kit which can give quality, creativity, and convenience all at once!

Your money won’t be put to waste as this kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a manual, and a leather repair expert (but she can’t fit in the box) is ready to give you personalized advice!

So to conclude, seeking professional leather repair will cost you a realistic quality, experience and roughly $1,200. But with a DIY leather repair like Coconix Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit, it will cost you your expected quality, convenience, and $19.95. Choose what’s practical, smart, and reasonable. Choose Coconix!



Though leather can be a very durable and timeless material, it can also suffer minor to severe damages when exposed to different factors and used for a very long time. The good thing is, Coconix Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit can fix many of these damages and make them unnoticeable and less of an eyesore. We have listed these types for you and the causes of these damages.

Minor Damages

Scratches and minor pet marks


This type of damage is caused by a variety of factors. It can be sharp-edged objects like metals, nails, pet claws, other furniture that may have scraped the leather material, and other external objects in the surroundings.




This type is often caused by heavy pressure on the leather and also due to the material’s old age. This damage is typical on leathers with substandard quality.