by Coconix Shop


Though leather can be a very durable and timeless material, it can also suffer minor to severe damages when exposed to different factors and used for a very long time. The good thing is, Coconix Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit can fix many of these damages and make them unnoticeable and less of an eyesore. We have listed these types for you and the causes of these damages. 



Scratches and minor pet marks

Cause: This type of damage is caused by a variety of factors. It can be sharp-edged objects like metals, nails, pet’s claws, other furniture that may have scraped the leather material, and other external objects in the surroundings. 



Cause: This type is often caused by heavy pressure on the leather and also due to the material’s old age. This damage is typical on leathers with substandard quality. 

Inks and Stains

Cause: This damage is due to other objects’ color adhering to the surface of leather material. This could also result from ink spills, paint, spray and other coloring materials that may have come in contact with your leather.


Cause: An old leather’s color usually fades. But if your leather material is not that old and its color is fading or there’s discoloration in some areas, it might be due to direct exposure to sunlight or heat source. Discoloration can also happen if your leather is exposed to the skin’s sweat and grease and the hair’s oils. Harsh cleaning products like detergents and soaps could also lead to leather discoloration.

If you have any of these minor damages, then you’re in luck because Coconix Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit can fix them all. Scratches, pet marks, and even discoloration can be gone with our DIY leather repair kit!


Cuts, Rips, and Tears

Cause: These types of damages are caused by any sharp object or sharp-edged material that pierce through the leather surface. It can also be due to heavy traffic on the leather that can put the leather material on too much pressure. The cut, rip or tear can just be through the leather material itself or it can extend up to the leather’s backing material. 

Peeling and Flaking

Cause: This damage is caused by a long period of heavy wear and tear and due to regular contact with skin grease and oils. It can also be due to liquids that come in contact with your leather. The leather fiber loses its structure and disintegrates. 

Burns and Holes

Cause: Burns can be due to cigarettes or any flaming object that come in contact with your leather material. Holes can be caused by many factors. Some examples could be a pointed object piercing through the leather material, external factors like pets or kids unknowingly piercing a hole on the leather, or other furniture with pointy edges that could puncture the leather material.

Torn Seams

Cause: Torn seams and broken stitching can be caused by too much weight and pressure put on the leather. This damage can be repaired through manual stitching or machine sewing.

All of these severe damages except torn seams can be fixed with Coconix Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit.  Our leather repair kit is not designed to repair seams since seams are high tension areas and the repair compound may just not be strong enough to hold the seam together for many years to come. Using strong fabric glue, or a leather sewing kit might deliver better results. 

If you are still unsure which type of leather damage you have, you can send a picture of the damage to support@coconix.com and we’d be glad to give you personalized advice.