Your kit should include the following:

✓ 9 Repair Fibers (White, Beige, Gray, Brown, Navy, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow)

✓ 10"x10" Backing Fabric

✓ Mesh

✓ Tweezers

✓ Fabric Glue

✓ Mixing Jar

✓ Spatula

✓ Instruction Manual

✓ Color Mixing Guide

This is the perfect kit for any fabric and carpet colors and patterns! We have prepared your kit checklist and color matching formulas below that can give you a head start!

Warm Cream

Main Color: White
Secondary Color: Beige, Yellow

Sandy White

Main Color: White
Secondary Color: Beige, Brown


Main Color: Beige
Secondary Color: Brown, White

Golden Tan/Camel

Main Color: Beige
Secondary Color: Yellow, Brown

Coffee Brown

Main Color: Brown
Secondary Color: White

Dark Brown

Main Color: Brown
Secondary Color: Gray, Black

White Gray

Main Color: White
Secondary Color: Gray


Main Color: White
Secondary Color: Gray, Black

Navy Gray

Main Color: Navy
Secondary Color: Blue, Gray

Did not find your fabric or carpet color in the formula table? No worries!

Get your personalized advice on color matching from our Coconix Support Team who breathes and lives this stuff!



You can find out more color matching tips in our ultimate guidebook:

The Ultimate Coconix Color Matching Guide

Select the type of fabric or carpet damage you are repairing:

Worn Out Fabric and Carpet


Fabric and Carpet Burns and Holes


Fabric and Carpet Cuts and Tears