4 Common Home Problems only Pet Owners Can Relate to & How to Fix Them

Your beloved household companion can leave its marks behind in different ways in your home. Fortunately, there are several simple fixes to repair the most common pet-bourne damages.

Repair Damaged Walls

Areas that suffered small puncture holes or claw scrapes can easily be repaired with drywall joint compound. Remove any protruding edges with a utility knife or use some sanding paper to get rid of any high spots or debris on the damaged wall. Apply a thin layer of compound to fill in scratches and damages and let the compound dry. Sand it flat and repeat procedure until the damage is filled and you have a flush wall. Primer and paint over the area to hide the repair.

Scratched Wood

Pets still didn’t figure out how to open doors, however, it hasn’t stopped them from trying. If the damage happened on a painted door, it can easily be repaired with spackle and paint to cover up the damage. However, natural wood doors require stain and varnish. Start by sanding the area very gently and removing all the dust afterwards. Unless you have the original stain or finish, go to a paint store to get a matching gel stain. You can also get several colors to blend them to get the best match. Use a rag dipped in thinner to wipe the damaged area. This will prevent the stain from looking blotchy. Put some of the gel stain on a rag and dab a little on a dry brush. Apply the gel stain lightly along one edge and wipe it dry to see how the color looks like. To get darker colors, leave the gel stain on longer and apply additional coats. Use varnish to achieve a glossy finish.

Accidents on Carpets

If your pet had an accident on your carpets, wipe it up right away with paper towels and apply a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water to soak it up. In case of a really bad stain, use pure vinegar. After the carpet is soaked up, scrub the carpet vigorously and leave a thin layer of baking soda until the area dries. In the end, vacuum the area to get rid of the baking soda.

Scratched Leather Furniture

Scratches, chewed up areas and claw marks look unsightly, especially on a leather couch. To repair damages on any color leather, use Coconix Leather Care Pro – Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit. This innovative leather repair kit helps you easily fix damages on your leather furniture caused by your beloved pets. Simply mix the color compounds to match the color of your furniture and apply on the damaged area. You can use this kit not only on your leather couch but also on leather shoes, skirts, pants, belts and even bags and purses.

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