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          You might have stumbled upon many leather repair kits and products online. But not to brag, Coconix Professional Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit is one of the best in the market! As the number of our happy customers grow by the day, the number of curious people also increases. Many are asking, “where can we use this leather and vinyl repair kit” and “can this repair kit be used on this type of damage”? Now here are the answers to the questions of many!

Coconix Professional Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit can be used in:


Leather chairs, leather couch, leather love seat, leather recliner, vinyl sofa, stools with leather cushion, leather bench, tables with leather top, leather swivel chairs, and any furniture in your home that has leather or vinyl on it!



Leather or vinyl car seats, steering wheel with leather cover, leather armrests, leather headrests, leather car seat covers, and any part of your car interior that has leather on it!


Leather boots, Oxfords, sandals with leather straps, leather slip-on, leather loafers, heels with leather design, leather school shoes, and any type of shoes that has leather material on it!


Leather bags, leather wallets, leather pouch, leather cardholder, belts, leather notebook cover, leather gadget cover, leather key holder, leather wrist watch band strap, leather phone cases, and anything under the sun that has leather or vinyl material on it!

Coconix Professional Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit can fix damages like:

Whether the tear or rip cut through the backing material of your leather, Coconix Professional Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit can fix it! Coconix repair kits include backing fabric that can be used for damages like these that has cut through its backing layer. Also, the repair compound in Coconix repair kit is not only paint, but it also contains leather filler and adhesive and dries to a leather-like finish. The repair holds very strong, often outlives the actual material.

From small punctures and scrapes to pet scratches and leather cracks, Coconix can fix them all! Coconix Professional Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit will surely cover these unwanted damages to your leather and will also prevent it from spreading to other areas. Most of all, it will make your leather or vinyl looking good as new!

After numerous use, leather or vinyl will likely to peel or flake. Good thing, Coconix can also fix that! You will be surprised how bags, wallets, straps, or old couches can be saved from being thrown in the trash when you use Coconix Professional Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit to restore them!

Leather furniture can sometimes suffer heavy wear and tear. It can also get heavy damages like burns and holes. These types of damages can be a real eyesore and can sometimes spread and cause larger damage when the leather is often used. Coconix Professional Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit is perfect to repair and make these damages disappear!


When your leather or vinyl material is always used and gets heavy traffic every day, the tendency is it will get worn out and the color of your leather will rub off. You are very lucky ‘cause Coconix Professional Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit is also capable of making these damages disappear! Your leather or vinyl will surely be in best condition again!

There are damages that do not go through your leather’s backing material. If this is the case, then you will not have to use the backing fabric provided in the kit. Coconix Professional Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit can be directly applied to the damaged area and work its wonders!


NOTICE: If your leather’s damage is along a seam or stitch and falls into an area with high tension, then it’s best to consult us first by sending us a photo of the damage to support@coconix.com.

        We hope that we have answered your curiosities about Coconix Professional Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit and is now sure to grab one to repair your leather! If you are still unsure about your leather damage and would like personalized advice, please feel free to contact us! We're always here to provide assistance and personalized advice if you will need it on your repair. We’re very excited about your repair and we would like to hear your repair story! Share your before and after repair project pictures so we can feature you on our blog! What are you waiting for? Get that leather looking good as new and grab your Coconix now!